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        First of all, thank you for your patronage and support of the company's website, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the staff on behalf of the company, we will be the most sincere attitude to offer you the most satisfactory service! At the same time also waiting for your visit and guidance.

        Jing Feng Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, is a professional development, production and sales of various types of connector (wire harness connector socket, etc.) as one of the company, the company has strong technical strength, has engaged in a number of connectors, micro motor development, production, quality management professionals, continuous innovation in product development, business management, business strategy and other fields.

        Facing the new market environment, as in the past, we create a high standard products with confidence, create a set quality service reputation, has the trust of our customers, to win customers support, to unite the employees of joint venture. We will be the spirit of "Jing Feng, hand in hand to create brilliant" business philosophy, with advanced technology and management, and strive to provide quality and efficient, safety and environmental protection products and services for customers, and constantly create more customer value investment.

        In order to share with the majority of the company's business philosophy, so that more friends to understand the basic situation of the company and the development process, we have established the Huizhou Jing Feng Electronics Co., ltd.. This website is a channel for the dissemination of business ideas, is to showcase the corporate culture of the window, is the performance of the crystal Feng spirit of the pursuit of the stage, is the link to the majority of friends and customers. We hope that the website has become a bridge of friendship between our friends and the city of Huizhou Jing Feng Electronics Co. Ltd., may the bridge of friendship forever, will bring you a new website vision and joy.

        Waiting for your visit, visit, guidance! Select the crystal front electronics, select high-quality products!

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